Evaluate Rules (Data Management)


Evaluates geodatabase rules and functionality that are managed by services.

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  • When the input workspace is a file geodatabase, the entire workspace is evaluated.

  • When the input workspace is a feature service workspace, the Validation capability must be enabled.

  • The tool evaluates attribute rules for the Default version.


arcpy.management.EvaluateRules(in_workspace, evaluation_types, {extent}, {run_async})
ParameterExplanationData Type

A file geodatabase or feature service URL. An example of a feature service URL is https://myserver/server/rest/services/myservicename/FeatureServer.


Specifies the types of evaluation that will be used.

  • CALCULATION_RULESEvaluate batch calculation attribute rules.
  • VALIDATION_RULESEvaluate validation attribute rules.

The extent to be evaluated. If there is a selection in the map, only selected features within the specified extent will be evaluated.

  • MAXOF—The maximum extent of all inputs will be used.
  • MINOF—The minimum area common to all inputs will be used.
  • DISPLAY—The extent is equal to the visible display.
  • Layer name—The extent of the specified layer will be used.
  • Extent object—The extent of the specified object will be used.
  • Space delimited string of coordinates—The extent of the specified string will be used. Coordinates are expressed in the order of x-min, y-min, x-max, y-max.

Specifies whether the evaluation will run synchronously or asynchronously. This parameter is only supported when the input workspace is a feature service.

  • ASYNCThe evaluation will run asynchronously. This option dedicates server resources to run the evaluation with a longer time-out. Running asynchronously is recommended when evaluating large datasets that contain many features requiring calculation or validation. This is the default.
  • SYNCThe evaluation will run synchronously. This option has a shorter time-out and is best used when evaluating an extent with a small number of features requiring calculation or validation.

In earlier releases, this parameter was named async. At ArcGIS Pro 2.4, the parameter name was changed to run_async to avoid conflicts with the reserved Python keyword async.


Derived Output

NameExplanationData Type

The updated feature service workspace that has been evaluated.


Code sample

EvaluateRules example (stand-alone script)

Evaluate validation rules asynchronously using the EvaluateRules tool.

# import arcpy
import arcpy

# assign local variables
in_workspace = "https://myserver/server/rest/services/myservicename/FeatureServer"
extent = "-113.187897827702 38.0958054854392 -113.142166008849 38.1404599940719"

# run the evaluation
arcpy.EvaluateRules_management(in_workspace, "VALIDATION_RULES", extent, "ASYNC")


This tool does not use any geoprocessing environments.

Licensing information

  • Basic: No
  • Standard: Yes
  • Advanced: Yes

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