Generate Facility Entryways (Indoors)

Available for an ArcGIS organization licensed with the Indoors extension.


Creates or updates points representing a building's entry or exit locations.

This tool analyzes input unit features to identify the exterior edges of a building (facility) and generates point features for doors located in proximity to those edges. The ArcGIS Indoors network uses these entryway points when routing into, out of, and between buildings.


Entryways for single swing doors
Entryways for double swing doors
Entryways for revolving doors


  • The Input Level Features parameter must be a polygon feature layer or feature class that conforms to the Indoors Model for the Levels feature class. The generation of entryways can be limited to specific floors by making a selection on the input layer or by providing a definition query. Without a selection or definition query, the tool will create entryways for all floors in the input layer.

  • The Input Unit Features parameter must be a polygon feature layer or feature class that conforms to the Indoors Model for the Units feature class. This tool uses the unit features to identify a building's outer edges.

    • Use the Exterior Unit Expression parameter to define which input unit features (such as patios or external stairways) will be treated as exterior to a building (facility). The tool identifies any doors or openings as entryways between the defined exterior unit features and interior unit features. This expression will be applied in addition to any definition query or selection on the input layer.

  • The Input Door Features parameter must be a polyline feature layer that conforms to the Indoors Model for the Details feature class. The layer must have one or more door features selected:

    • If there aren't any features in the chosen layer, the tool will not run. Use the Select Layer By Attribute tool to make a selection.
    • This tool will identify and process different polyline feature representations of doors. This includes, but is not limited to, doors composed of single or multiple features, straight lines across an opening, curved lines representing door swings, and circular lines representing revolving doors.
    • For best results, resolve any geometry issues in the source feature class before selecting door features and running this tool. For example, remove unnecessary nodes and delete small or extraneous door features. The ArcGIS Indoors Product Data installation package includes Data Reviewer batch jobs that can help identify features to fix.

  • The Buffer Size parameter defines the distance the tool will use to find entryway features along the outer edge of a building. The tool buffers inside and outside the outer edge to capture both in-swing and out-swing doors. The buffer does not need to encompass the entire door, it only needs to intersect at least one feature from it. Using a buffer that is too large may capture features within the building that are close to the outer edge but not actual entryways to the building.

  • The Entryway Use Type parameter value populates the USE_TYPE field of the new entryway features.

  • The z-value of the output point feature is derived from the ELEVATION_RELATIVE field on the Input Door Features.

  • If multiple doorways are adjacent to each other, this tool may generate a single entryway point to represent them. If routing is required through each individual doorway, duplicate and manually position the generated entryway point.


arcpy.indoors.GenerateFacilityEntryways(in_level_features, in_unit_features, in_door_features, target_entryways, {buffer_size}, {entryway_use_type}, {exterior_unit_exp}, {delete_existing_entryways})
ParameterExplanationData Type

The input polygon features representing a floor or floors in one or more buildings. In the Indoors Model, this will be the Levels layer. The tool processes only the building floors represented by these features.

Feature Layer

The input polygon features representing building spaces. In the Indoors Model, this will be the Units layer. The tool uses these features when identifying exterior edges of a building.

Feature Layer

The input polyline features representing doors. In the Indoors Model, this will be a subset of features from the Details layer. The tool uses these features when identifying entryways along the exterior of a building.


If the source feature class also contains features representing other architectural details such as windows or stairs, you must first select the features in the layer that represent doors. You can use the Select Layer By Attribute tool to make a selection.

Feature Layer

The feature class or feature layer to which generated entryway points will be written. In the Indoors Model, this will be the PointsOfInterest layer.

Feature Layer

The distance, in meters, the tool will search inward and outward from a building's exterior edge to identify potential entryways. The default value is 0.5 and can range from 0 to 10.


The value used to calculate the USE_TYPE field for new entryway points. The default value is Entry.


An SQL expression used to define which Input Unit Features represent a building's exterior spaces, such as patios or fire escapes. Spaces matching this expression will be treated as exterior during entryway generation.

SQL Expression

Specifies whether existing entryway features with a USE_TYPE field value matching the entryway_use_type parameter value will be deleted before creating new entryway points. When deleting existing entryways, the tool only identifies entryways on floors included in the in_level_features parameter.

  • DELETE_FEATURESExisting features will be deleted.
  • NO_DELETE_FEATURESExisting features will not be deleted. This is the default.

Derived Output

NameExplanationData Type

The updated Target Entryways feature layer or feature class.

Feature Class

Code sample

GenerateFacilityEntryways example 1 (Python window)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the GenerateFacilityEntryways function in immediate mode.

import arcpy
                                        0.25, "Entry", 
                                        "USE_TYPE IN ('Fire Escape', 'Patio')")
GenerateFacilityEntryways example 2 (stand-alone script)

The following stand-alone script demonstrates how to use the GenerateFacilityEntryways function.

# Name: Indoors_GenerateFacilityEntryways_example2
# Description: Creates entryway point features for selected door features

import arcpy

in_level_features = "C:/Indoors/ExampleCampus.gdb/Indoors/Levels"
in_unit_features = "C:/Indoors/ExampleCampus.gdb/Indoors/Units"
door_details_feature_class = "C:/Indoors/ExampleCampus.gdb/Indoors/Details"

# Select just the door detail features
in_door_features = arcpy.SelectLayerByAttribute_management(door_details_feature_class, 
                                                           "USE_TYPE = 'A-DOOR'")   

target_entryways = "C:/Indoors/ExampleCampus.gdb/Indoors/PointsOfInterest"

buffer_size = 0.5
entryway_use_type = "Entry"
exterior_unit_exp = "USE_TYPE IN ('Fire Escape', 'Patio')"
delete_existing_features = "NO_DELETE_FEATURES"

arcpy.indoors.GenerateFacilityEntryways(in_level_features, in_unit_features, 
                                        in_door_features, target_entryways, 
                                        buffer_size, entryway_use_type, 


This tool does not use any geoprocessing environments.

Licensing information

  • Basic: No
  • Standard: No
  • Advanced: Requires Indoors and 3D Analyst

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