An overview of the LRS Network toolset

The LRS Network toolset contains tools that allow you to create and modify LRS Networks.

Tool nameDescription

Configure Lookup Table

Configures a lookup table for one or more fields used in a multifield route ID.

Create LRS Network

Creates an LRS Network in an ArcGIS Location Referencing linear referencing system (LRS).

Create LRS Network From Existing Dataset

Creates an LRS Network using an existing polyline feature class.

Modify LRS Network

Modifies an LRS Network in a Location Referencing linear referencing system (LRS).

Modify Network Calibration Rules

Modifies the network calibration rules for an LRS Network.

Modify Route ID Padding

Modifies the padding, null, and length properties for fields that are part of a multifield route ID.

Tools in the LRS Network toolset.

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