An overview of the Network Diagram toolbox

The Network Diagram toolbox provides various tools to manage diagrams and configure diagram templates.


Alter Diagram Properties

Alters properties for a stored network diagram.

Append to Diagram

Appends network elements to a network diagram.

Change Diagrams Owner

Changes ownership of stored network diagrams.

Create Diagram

Creates a temporary network diagram from network elements currently selected in the active map or from layers created from a Python script.

Delete Diagram

Deletes one or more stored network diagrams, which are optionally filtered by their diagram template names, related to a given network.

Export Diagram Content

Exports diagram content in a simple format (JSON) that reflects basic connectivity. Additional optional information such as diagram properties, diagram feature geometry, network elements attributes, and aggregated elements can also be exported.

Extend Diagram

Extends a network diagram one network element level based on network connectivity or traversability or on containment or structural attachment associations.

Make Diagram Layer

Creates a network diagram layer from a network diagram.

Overwrite Diagram

Overwrites the contents of a network diagram with the network elements currently selected in the specified map. These network elements become the new initial content of the diagram.

Purge Temporary Diagrams

Purges temporary network diagrams related to a given utility network or trace network.

Store Diagram

Stores a temporary network diagram in the database. Access rights and tags can be assigned to control security and searchability of the diagram.

Update Diagram

Updates one or more network diagrams that are related to a given utility network or trace network.

Tools in the Network Diagram toolbox

Additional tools dedicated to the network diagram layout and diagram templates management are grouped into two toolsets in the Network Diagram toolbox.



The Configuration toolset contains tools to create, configure, and manage diagram templates.


The Layout toolset regroups tools that allow you to apply various layout algorithms to diagrams.

Toolsets in the Network Diagram toolbox

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