An overview of the Server toolbox

The Server toolbox contains tools to manage web layers and web maps. It also contains tools that simplify data extraction through the server.



The Caching toolset creates and manages caches for faster display of web tile layers. The caches consist of pregenerated images that the server can distribute to clients.

Data Extraction

The Data Extraction toolset provides four tools to implement advanced clip, zip, and ship tasks as an ArcGIS Server geoprocessing service. General extracting tools, such as those in the Extract toolset and the feature analysis tool Clip, only allow you to extract the subset of a single layer data with the output showing the same data format and spatial reference as the input. These tools are somewhat limited for those who want to extract data with the flexibility to select multiple layers, output format, and spatial reference—especially over the Internet. The Data Extraction toolset is designed to facilitate such functionality so you can efficiently extract the multiple-layered data with the specified format and spatial reference through the geoprocessing service. Moreover, you can zip the output file and send it through email, thus making the whole extraction and delivery process more effective.


The Printing toolset provides tools to facilitate printing from web applications.


The Publishing toolset provides tools to stage and share web layers and services. Sharing hosted web layers and services can be accomplished using ArcGIS Pro.

Toolsets in the Server toolbox

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