Delete parcels

Use the Delete Parcels tool Delete Parcels in the Tools gallery on the Parcels ribbon to delete parcels in the parcel fabric.

The Delete Parcels tool does the following:

  • Deletes the parcel polygon.
  • Deletes the polygon's associated lines if the lines are not shared with any other parcel polygon.
  • Deletes points that meet the following conditions:
    • The points are not used by any other parcel, current or historic.
    • The points attribute fields have not been populated with values. Points are still deleted if the OBJECTID, Shape, GlobalID, Created By Record, Retired By Record and editor tracking fields have values. and if the IsFixed field is set to No.
    • The Preserve and IsFixed fields are set to No.
  • Updates the associated record polygon. The parcel record polygon matches the commutative shape of all the parcels associated with it.

If the parcel being deleted has overlapping lines, the line that is associated with the same parcel record as the parcel is deleted. If the overlapping lines of the parcel being deleted and adjacent parcel are both associated with the same record, no line is deleted.

Historic parcels are not created when parcels are deleted.

Delete parcel features

Use the Delete tool Delete Selected Item(s) in the Construct group on the Parcels ribbon to delete individual parcel features. The Delete tool is also available in the Features group on the Edit tab.

Use the Delete tool to delete parcel points, lines, polygons, and connection lines.