Evaluate parcel fabric attribute rules

Attribute rules are geodatabase rules that can be used to automatically populate attributes, restrict invalid edits during edit operations, and perform quality assurance checks on features. Attribute rules can be used in addition to topology rules, domains, and subtypes to improve data integrity for geodatabase datasets.

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The parcel fabric uses attribute rules together with geodatabase topology rules to manage data quality. When a parcel fabric is created, the following attribute rules are created in parcel fabric feature classes:

  • The Preserve attribute rule
  • The Must have a record attribute rule

You can add more attribute rules to manage parcel fabric data quality in your organization.

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Evaluate calculation and constraint type attribute rules

Calculation and constraint type attributes rules are automatically evaluated with edit operations such as insert, update, and delete. For example, the parcel fabric Preserve attribute rule is a calculation type attribute rule that is automatically evaluated when parcel fabric points are deleted.

Evaluate validation and batch calculation type attribute rules

Validation type attribute rules are evaluated at a user-specified time using the Error Inspector or the Evaluate Rules geoprocessing tool. The MUST HAVE A RECORD parcel fabric attribute rule is a validation type attribute rule that is evaluated using the Error Inspector.

To evaluate parcel fabric attribute rules, follow these steps:

  1. In the Contents pane, right-click a parcel feature layer (parcel lines, parcel points, parcel polygons, or connection lines) and click Add Error Layers.
    Error layers must be added to the map for the evaluation of batch calculation and validation rules. Error layers are added as a parcel fabric group layer to the map and reference the Validation Line Errors, Validation Point Errors, Validation Polygon Errors, and Validation Object Errors datasets located at the geodatabase root level.
  2. On the Edit tab, click Error Inspector in the Manage Edits group to open the Error Inspector.
  3. In the Error Inspector window, click the Source drop-down arrow and choose Error Layers (Geodatabase).
  4. Click the Evaluate Rules drop-down arrow and check the Validation check box. Choose options for the extent and whether you want to execute the evaluation asynchronously.
  5. Click Evaluate Rules Validate Extent to run the validation.

Fix the Must Have A Record error

Parcel features (lines and polygons) should have an associated parcel record.

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You can fix the MUST HAVE A RECORD attribute rule error in the following ways:

  • If you have existing parcel record information, use the Create Parcel Records geoprocessing tool to batch create parcel records for parcel features using a field that contains record names. The field should be added to the parcel feature's attribute table and record names should matched their associated parcel features.
  • Create a parcel record and assign parcel features to it.