Add unit formats for editing

While creating and editing feature data, you can view and specify distance, direction, and location values in units that are different from the coordinate system of your source data. Editing tools and commands use one of the following unit types: map units, display units, and location units.

Change display units

Display units report the location of the pointer and the coordinates of feature vertices displayed in geometry property tables appearing in the Modify Features, Create Features, and Attributes panes.

  1. To change the units, click the coordinate display drop-down arrow at the bottom of a map or a scene view.
    Coordinate display
  2. Click the units and press Enter.

    Changing the display units updates this setting for the active map and all corresponding editing panes.

Add location units

Location units appear on tools and commands that specify direction, distance, and location. The unit format set as the default project unit of measure is used by editing tools that create feature geometry.

For example, add meters (m) to your project distance units when you want meters to appear as an optional unit in drop-down lists that specify distance.

Distance dialog box

  1. On the Edit tab, in the Manage Edits group, click the Options dialog box launcher Launcher.
  2. Click Units.

    Units table

  3. Expand the units table used by the editing tools for which you want to add a unit format.

    Angular Units

    Tools that specify angles, such as Deflection Deflection.

    Direction Units

    Tools that specify angles as a direction, such as Direction Direction.

    Distance Units

    Tools that specify distance, such as Distance Distance.

    Location Units

    Tools that specify location, such as Absolute XYZ Absolute XYZ.

  4. Click <Select Unit Code> and choose the unit.
  5. Set the default project unit of measure using one of the following methods:
    • Click the button in the default column.
    • Right-click the unit name and click Set default unit.
  6. Click OK.