Aggregate features into bins

In ArcGIS Pro, there are different ways to aggregate point or multipoint feature classes. If a point feature class is stored in a relational database management system (RDBMS), you can enable feature binning on your feature class to dynamically aggregate features into bins at multiple scales.

You can also aggregate values from a group of related features and display those features based on the result.

Feature binning

Feature binning is a process that aggregates large amounts of point features into dynamic polygons called bins. A single bin represents all features within its boundaries and appears wherever at least one feature lies within it. As a method of feature reduction, feature binning vastly improves the drawing performance of layers that contain thousands or millions of point features.

There are several ways to draw the bins to represent the aggregated features. Feature binning is dynamic, meaning that bins will change in size and value depending on the map's scale. You can also use feature binning to display values based on the number of aggregated features in a single bin. As point features are updated, the values—referred to as summary statistics—for each bin are updated.

ArcGIS Pro creates an arbitrary framework to generate the bins over the data at multiple scales, which are not based on preexisting geographies or political boundaries. Thus, considerations must be made for the projected coordinate system used for the bins on the map, as projections that do not conserve area may contain data bias. For more information, see Work with binned feature layers.

Flat hexagon bin-enabled feature layer
This bin-enabled feature layer displays the total count of recorded tornadoes over west Texas in flat hexagonal-shaped bins.

Bins base their value on the summary statistics of their contents, such as the sum or maximum value of any feature contained within the bin. Bins are then symbolized to represent their relative value. The color of the bin is dependent on the symbology used and the range in values of other bins. There are some restrictions on the type of symbology that can be used for bins. For more information, see Symbolize binned feature layers.

Enable binning on a feature layer

A point feature class must have feature binning enabled to draw it with bins as a layer in a map or scene. To get started, run the Enable Feature Binning tool to build bins for your point feature class. You can only enable binning on point feature classes.


In ArcGIS Pro 2.4, running the Enable Feature Binning tool activates binning for the feature layer but does not redraw bins until the layer is removed then added back to the map.

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