24040: In-memory relates are not supported

The layer you are sharing has an associated relate that was created in the map. In-memory relates are not supported for web feature layers and will be dropped.


Do one of the following:

  • Remove the relate from your layer.
    1. Select the layer in the Contents pane.
    2. Click the Data tab.
    3. Click the Relates menu in the Relationship group.
    4. Click Remove Relate
  • If your data is in the same geodatabase, optionally create a relationship class. The layers and tables in the relationship class must be included in the map or selection you are sharing as a web feature layer.
  • Do nothing. Relates will be dropped.

More information

Web feature layers allow queries on related data. For example, a shared web feature layer can have layers and tables related through geodatabase relationship classes. In this case, the web feature layer allows queries on a layer to return objects from the related layer or table. Note that to support queries that return related objects, the table and the layer involved in the relationship class must be in the shared map. If either the origin or destination layer or table is not included in the map, the relationship is ignored by the web feature layer.

For more information, see Overview of joins and relates, Create Relationship Class, and Analyze your GIS resource.