24079: Layer uses unsupported symbology: 3D Marker

Your layer uses a 3D marker symbol that is not supported for web feature layers when sharing web scenes. These settings will be ignored by the web feature layer.


  • If you are using a system model marker, use a 3D model marker file instead. Due to licensing restrictions system model markers cannot be shared.
  • Do nothing. The server downgrades the symbol to a basic symbol that is supported.
  • Change the layer's symbology.
  • Alternatively, remove the layer if it is not needed.

More information

Web feature layers allow you to query features and also get the features' symbology. Clients can use this information to draw features with a symbology consistent with what is defined on the web feature layer.

The symbols returned by the web feature layer are based on the symbology of the layers in the map. Some feature layer symbols are not supported when sharing web scenes and will be downgraded. These include:

  • Points
    • 3D marker symbols.
    • Picture marker symbols that are tinted, rotated, or offset.
    • Custom 3D model markers.
  • Lines
    • Picture strokes.
    • 3D symbols, such as walls, tubes, and stripes.
  • Polygons
    • Everything except solid fills and solid strokes.