24090: Ellipsoidal vertical coordinate systems may draw incorrectly

You are sharing a web scene that has an ellipsoidal vertical coordinate system. Although web scenes support both ellipsoidal and gravity-based vertical coordinate systems, there may be inconsistencies in drawing when an ellipsoidal vertical coordinate system is used.


  • Remove or change the vertical coordinate system.

    Hover over the analyzer message. Click the Options button Options that appears and click Change Coordinate Systems Properties. On the Map Properties dialog box, on the Coordinate Systems tab, change the Current Z system to <None> or to a gravity-based system.

  • Do nothing.

    The scene may not draw correctly.

More information

Vertical coordinate systems provide a reference for z-coordinates. There are two types of vertical coordinate systems: ellipsoidal and gravity-based systems.

  • Ellipsoidal coordinate systems reference an ellipsoidal or spheroidal surface. They are purely mathematical and are not based on a real surface.
  • Gravity-based coordinate systems reference a surface defined by a mean sea level calculation or a surface originally leveled from a single point. Gravity-based coordinate systems use orthometric heights, which means that the vertical units are feet or meters.

Global scenes support EGM2008 or EGM1996 as gravity-based coordinate systems.