24134: Layer's pop-up definition includes number formats that are not supported online

You are sharing a web layer with one or more number formats defined in a pop-up that is not supported on ArcGIS Online. This can occur if you are using a more specialized category, such as Percentage.

There are two situations that can cause this warning:

  • A numeric format is set for a field in the table that is visible in the Fields element of the pop-up.
  • A numeric format override is set in the pop-up configuration.

When multiple warnings are detected in a single layer, they are grouped into a single primary warning.


Do one of the following:

  • Open the Configure Pop-ups pane for the layer and remove the numeric formatting for the noted field.
  • Open the Fields view for the table and remove the numeric formatting from the noted field.
  • Do nothing. The formatting will be removed.

Additional information

The same field can be configured to use differing numeric formats in both the attribute table and the pop-up. For more information about numeric field formatting in ArcGIS Pro, see Format numeric and date fields. Alternatively, see Configure pop-ups for information regarding ArcGIS Online pop-ups.