Publish services

If your organization has deployed a stand-alone ArcGIS Server, you can share several types of services from ArcGIS Pro. When you publish a service, the server makes it available through a service URL or REST endpoint. Client applications can use the URL to access the service. Services can also be added directly to ArcGIS Pro through an ArcGIS Server connection.

To publish a service, your project must contain a publisher or administrator connection to a stand-alone ArcGIS Server 10.6 or later. For more information, see Connect to a GIS server.

The following types of services can be published from ArcGIS Pro:

  • Map services
  • Image services
  • Geocode services
  • Geoprocessing services

Automate publishing services

Publishing and updating services can be automated with Python by using a combination of ArcPy functions and geoprocessing tools in the Publishing toolset.

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