An overview of the Cartographic Refinement toolset

Contains tools to enrich symbology by adjusting the alignment and arrangement of symbols and creating bridge and tunnel features.


Align Marker To Stroke Or Fill

Aligns the marker symbol layers of a point feature class to the nearest stroke or fill symbol layers in a line or polygon feature class within a specified search distance.

Calculate Line Caps

Modifies the cap type for stroke symbol layers in the line symbols of the input layer.

Calculate Polygon Main Angle

Calculates the dominant angles of input polygon features and assigns the values to a specified field in the feature class.

Create Overpass

Creates bridge parapets and polygon masks at line intersections to indicate overpasses.

Create Underpass

Creates bridge parapets and polygon masks at line intersections to indicate underpasses.

Disperse Markers

Finds point symbols that overlap or are too close to one another based on symbology at reference scale, and spreads them apart based on a minimum spacing and dispersal pattern.

Generate Hachures For Defined Slopes

Creates multipart lines or polygons representing the slope between the lines representing the upper and lower parts of a slope.

Set Control Point At Intersect

Creates a control point at vertices that are shared by one or more line or polygon features. This tool is commonly used to synchronize boundary symbology on adjacent polygons.

Set Control Point By Angle

Places a control point at vertices along a line or polygon outline where the angle created by a change in line direction is less than or equal to a specified maximum angle.

Cartographic Refinement toolset

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