An overview of the To Geodatabase toolset

The To Geodatabase toolset contains tools to convert and write data to a geodatabase.


BIM File To Geodatabase

Imports the contents of one or more BIM file workspaces into a single geodatabase feature dataset.

CAD To Geodatabase

Reads a CAD dataset and creates feature classes of the drawing. The feature classes are written to a geodatabase feature dataset.

Extract Locations From Document

Analyzes documents containing unstructured or semistructured text, such as email messages, travel forms, and so on, and extracts locations to a point feature class.

Extract Locations From Text

Analyzes input text or a text file and extracts locations to a point feature class

Feature Class To Feature Class

Converts a feature class or feature layer to a feature class.

Feature Class To Geodatabase

Converts one or more feature classes or feature layers to geodatabase feature classes.

Mobile Geodatabase To File Geodatabase

Copies the contents of a mobile geodatabase to a new file geodatabase.

Raster To Geodatabase

Loads multiple raster datasets into a geodatabase.

Table To Geodatabase

Converts one or more tables to geodatabase tables in an output geodatabase. The inputs can be dBASE, INFO, VPF, OLE DB tables, geodatabase tables, or table views.

Table To Table

Exports the rows of a table, table view, feature layer, feature class, or raster with attribute table to a new geodatabase, .csv, .txt, or .dbf table.

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