Groundwater geoprocessing functions

Available with Spatial Analyst license.

The Groundwater geoprocessing functions can be used to perform rudimentary advection-dispersion modeling of constituents in groundwater flow. They can be applied individually or used in sequence to model and analyze groundwater flow.

The following topics provide background information on the theoretical aspects of these geoprocessing functions as well as some examples of their implementation.

The following table lists the available geoprocessing functions and provides a brief description of each.

Geoprocessing FunctionDescription

Darcy Flow

Calculates the groundwater volume balance residual and other outputs for steady flow in an aquifer.

Darcy Velocity

Calculates the groundwater seepage velocity vector (direction and magnitude) for steady flow in an aquifer.

Particle Track

Calculates the path of a particle through a velocity field, returning an ASCII file of particle tracking data and, optionally, a feature class of track information.

Porous Puff

Calculates the time-dependent, two-dimensional concentration distribution in mass per volume of a solute introduced instantaneously and at a discrete point into a vertically mixed aquifer.

Geoprocessing functions in the Groundwater category

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