Enrich Layer

Available with Business Analyst license.

Enrich Layer appends demographic and landscape variables to any input polygon feature class for further analysis, modeling, and reporting. You can enhance a set of input features using data with approximately 15,000 variables and from 154 countries hosted in ArcGIS Online. The source of the data can be from ArcGIS Online or installed locally. Esri Data includes demographics such as age by race or by sex, population and housing characteristics, labor profiles, business locations, consumer spending, and market potential.


See the U.S. data included in Business Analyst: Business Analyst Variable and Report List

Data is available at multiple geographic scales, such as block groups, counties, states, and entire countries. Enrich Layer uses a proprietary apportionment methodology to more accurately estimate statistics at low levels of geography.


Read about setting up custom data for use in Enrich Layer and other Business Analyst workflows with Statistical Data Collections.

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