Geoprocessing quick tour

In ArcGIS Pro you can use geoprocessing tools to perform spatial analysis or manage your GIS data. Use the Analysis tab and Geoprocessing pane to find and run geoprocessing tools.

Find and open a geoprocessing tool

The Analysis tab provides access to all of the geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS Pro. You can select a tool in the Analysis gallery, which includes some of the most commonly used and powerful analysis tools, or open the Geoprocessing pane to access all tools.

  1. On the Analysis tab in the Geoprocessing group, click Tools.

    The Geoprocessing pane appears.

  2. To find and run a geoprocessing tool, you can pick it from the Favorites list, the Toolboxes list, or search for the tool in the search box. Enter buffer in the search bar to find the Buffer tool.
  3. Click the Buffer (Analysis) tool in the list of search results to open the Buffer tool in the Geoprocessing pane.
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Run a geoprocessing tool

  1. Enter the required parameter options for the tool as indicated by the red asterisk, as well as any optional parameters.

    When all required parameters have valid values and the tool is ready to run, the red asterisks will not show, there will be no error icons, and the Run button at the bottom of the pane will be highlighted.

  2. Click the Run button.

    When a tool is executed, a progress bar is displayed in the Geoprocessing pane where you can view tool progress and messages.

    When the tool finishes, the progress bar will display Completed if there were no errors. If any errors occurred, they will be displayed in the messages section.

    When the tool has finished running, the output layer will be added to the active map.

    The tool stays open so it is easy to change some settings and rerun. You can overwrite the existing output dataset or give the output a new name before running.

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Geoprocessing history

Every time you run a geoprocessing tool, a new entry is added under Geoprocessing in the History pane.

  1. Switch to the Analysis ribbon tab. Click the History button.
  2. In the History pane, you may need to switch to the Geoprocessing tab.
  3. Hover over an entry to get information about the tool execution and messages. You can double-click the entry to open the tool with the same parameter settings that were previously used.
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