Share and export a chart

In ArcGIS Pro, charts are linked to and stored with the chart's source layer. Charts are not a separate file or project item, rather they are an extension of the source layer. To share a chart, you can do the following:

  • Share the chart's source layer as a layer package or web feature layer.
  • Share the map the source layer is in as a map package or web map.
  • Share the project the map is in as a project package.
  • Export the chart as a graphic file.
  • Add the chart to a layout.

Charts are listed under their source layer in the Contents pane, on the List By Drawing Order tab List By Drawing Order.

List of charts

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Share layers, maps, and projects

All of a chart's properties, including the variables specified, properties, title, and format, are maintained with the source layer you share so a shared chart will have the data and settings necessary to appear exactly as the chart was authored.

Use a shared chart

After adding or opening the shared layer, map, or project in ArcGIS Pro, the charts will be listed under their source layer in the Contents pane, on the List By Drawing Order tab List By Drawing Order. You can open the shared chart and interact and manage it in the same manner as other charts.

Export a chart

Charts can be exported as a graphic file using the Export button in the chart window. The Export as Graphic option allows you to specify an extension type (.svg, .jpg, or .png) and to customize the width and height of the exported chart.

Certain charts can also be exported as a table that includes the summarized fields and values displayed in the chart. Charts that support this functionality are bar chart, line chart, histogram, box plot, data clock, calendar heat chart, and matrix heat chart. Geodatabase table and CSV format are supported. Consider a dataset with the following attribute table:

Sample attribute table

You may want to create a bar chart to investigate the distribution of the neighbourhood_group field categories, such as the following:

Bar chart illustration

When you export this chart to a table, you now have the following table that summarizes the bar chart:

Bar chart summary table

Other ways to use a rendered chart

Charts can also be added to a layout or a report as a chart frame.