Model properties

The properties of a model tool include name, label, password protection, whether paths are to be stored relative to the toolbox location, and a number of properties related to model tool parameters. You can view or modify model properties by right-clicking a model in a toolbox and selecting Properties, or if you are editing the model in ModelBuilder, click ModelBuilder > Properties in the ribbon.

Model properties include general and parameter properties.




The label of the model. The label is displayed everywhere you see the model, including in the ModelBuilder view, the Geoprocessing pane, and the Catalog pane.


The name of the model. The name is used when running the model tool in Python.

Set password

You can password protect your model so that a password must be entered before you or others can view or edit the model in ModelBuilder. A password-protected model tool can be run by anyone from the Geoprocessing pane.


Keeping a backup copy of the model is recommended to avoid the loss of its contents, in case the password is forgotten.

Store tool with relative path

This option is checked by default. If you move the toolbox containing the model or the data used within the model, this option changes the paths of data variables in the model according to the path, relative to the toolbox.


The Parameters property page displays a table of all variables that have been marked as model parameters in ModelBuilder. The table includes properties for each parameter. Some of these properties can be modified, while some are read-only.

  • Label (read-only)
  • Data type (read-only)
  • Direction (read-only)
  • Type
  • Category
  • Filter
  • Dependency
  • Symbology

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