Save a model

To save a model manually, click the Save button Save. To save a model automatically, enable the Auto Save button Auto save.

Save a model manually

To manually save a model that is open in ModelBuilder, do one of the following:

  • Click the Save button Save to save the model in its current state.
  • Click the drop-down menu below the Save button, and click the Save As button Save As to save the model with a different name or to a different toolbox.

When you save a model, the contents of all variables and parameters are saved as well as the state of each process and the appearance and layout of the model diagram.

When you save a model from an earlier version of ArcGIS Pro, a dialog box appears prompting you to save the model to the current version.

Save a model automatically

You can set a model to save automatically by enabling the Auto Save button Auto save on the ModelBuilder ribbon. When this button is turned on, the model is saved as soon as edits are made. The setting is honored during the session and is turned off when the model closes.

Saving a model automatically is only supported if the model was created or saved in the current version of ArcGIS Pro. Click the Save button to save a model from a different version of ArcGIS Pro to the current version. This enables the Auto Save button Auto save, which you can turn on to save automatically.

Save a model to ArcGIS Desktop

To save a model to a version of ArcGIS Desktop, complete the following steps:

  1. Right-click the toolbox containing the model.
  2. Choose Save As and choose a version of ArcGIS Desktop.

    All the models in the toolbox are saved to the chosen version.

  3. When you save a model to ArcGIS Desktop, model features that are not available in ArcGIS Desktop, such as groups and new tool enhancements, are removed.

After saving a model to a version of ArcGIS Desktop, you can use the new model in ArcGIS Desktop but not in ArcGIS Pro. To use the new model in ArcGIS Pro, open and save the model in ArcGIS Desktop.