Schedule a model

You can schedule a geoprocessing model to run at a specific time of day or to run repeatedly at a designated time interval. This is helpful if the model takes a long time to run and you want the results to be available at a certain time every day.

Scheduling a model allows you to do the following:

  • Automate a tool you need to run regularly.
  • Run a long-running or computationally intensive process at a convenient, specified time when you will not be using the machine for other tasks.
  • Run multiple geoprocessing tools concurrently outside the ArcGIS Pro application using a stand-alone Python executable.

To schedule a geoprocessing tool, fill in all required tool parameters, click the Schedule command, and specify options about when the scheduled tool should run. You can manage the tools you have scheduled in the Geoprocessing > Scheduled section of the History pane.

To learn more about scheduling a model or any other geoprocessing tool, see Schedule geoprocessing tools.