00132: <value> is unsupported within a registered folder for task <value>

ArcGIS Server platforms do not support all the data formats that ArcGIS Desktop supports. If any of the following data formats are present in a folder registered with the server's data store, and your task uses this data, you cannot publish:

  • Personal geodatabase
  • Excel table


There are two solutions: unregister the folder in the data store or convert the data.

Convert the data

You must convert your data to a supported format (usually a file geodatabase), rerun your tool using the supported format, and share the newly created result. In general, the steps are as follows:

  1. Create a file geodatabase in the folder registered with the server's data store. You can use the Create File GDB tool to create the file geodatabase.
  2. Convert the unsupported data to a file geodatabase using any of the following techniques:

  • Open and run the tool again to create a new history item. Use the converted datasets, or layers based on the converted dataset, as inputs to the tool.
  • Share the new history item.

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