00178: Data: <value>; used by <value> cannot be copied to the server

The task you are attempting to publish as a geoprocessing service has data that cannot be copied to the GIS server, or the site has been purposely configured by the site administrator such that data cannot be copied to the server. Data file types that cannot be copied, such as .exe, .bat, .dll, and so on, present a security risk.


The two possible solutions are as follows:

  • Remove the unsupported file. For example, if your script uses a folder and an unsupported file is contained in the folder, remove the unsupported file and continue publishing.
  • Set up a data store entry. Unsupported file types cannot be copied to the server, but you can reference the folder containing the file, ensuring the server has access to the file and they are safe to use as a geoprocessing service. If your server administrator has disabled data copy during publishing, a data store entry will ensure the server has access to the necessary data. Contact your server administrator for more information on setting up a data store or allowing data copy during publishing.

More information

Project data in a folder is copied when published to a server, unless the folder is registered with the server's data store.

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