24032: Data source used by tool <value> is not registered with the server and will be copied to the server: <value>

Data required by the task to successfully run but that has not yet been registered with the data store will be copied to the ArcGIS server during the publishing process.


  • Do nothing. The source data will be copied to the ArcGIS server.
  • The folder or enterprise geodatabase that your data resides in with the server's data store can be registered by right-clicking the message and selecting Register Data Source With Server. When a folder or enterprise geodatabase is registered with the data store, the publishing process will not copy the data. After publishing, the data will be referenced via the data source you registered.
Learn more about how to register your data with ArcGIS Server

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Registering a data source with the server ensures the server has access to the data the task uses. If a data source is not registered with the server, the data used by the task you are publishing will automatically be copied to the server.

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