Use a geoprocessing package

Geoprocessing packages are a convenient way to share geoprocessing workflows as a single compressed file. A geoprocessing package (.gpkx) can be shared across a local file system using copy and paste, as an attachment in an email, or by uploading to ArcGIS Online.


You can use geoprocessing packages made in ArcGIS Pro 1.1 or later.

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Add a geoprocessing package to your project

To use a geoprocessing package, you must add it to your open project.

  1. Find the geoprocessing package in the Catalog pane.
  2. Right-click the package and select Add To Project.

What gets added to your project

When you add a geoprocessing package to your project, the package is unpacked and several items are added to your project and open map.

  • If you have an open map, a new group layer with the same name as the package is added to the map Contents. All data within the package becomes sublayers of this group layer. (Most geoprocessing packages contain input and output data. If the package doesn't contain data, a group layer is not created.)
  • A tool is added with the same name as the package under Geoprocessing in the History pane. From here, you can open the packaged tool to rerun it.

Locate unpacked contents

When you add a geoprocessing package to your project, the contents of the package (tools, toolboxes, data, and associated files) are unpacked to a new folder with the name of the package in the <username>\Documents\ArcGIS\Packages directory. You can change this location in the share and download options.

If you want to unpack your package to another folder without it being added to your application, use the Extract Package tool.