Classify function

Available with Image Analyst license.

Available with Spatial Analyst license.


Classify a raster dataset based on an Esri Classifier Definition (.ecd) file and raster dataset inputs. The .ecd file contains all the information needed to perform a specific type of Esri-supported classification.

For more information about classification, see Understanding segmentation and classification.


The .ecd file used in the Classify function contains all the information for a specific dataset and classifier and is generated by the classification training tools, such as the Train Support Vector Machine or Train Random Trees tools.

The two input parameters need to be in the same order as they were entered into the classification training tools that generated the .ecd file.




The raster dataset you want to classify.

Input Definition File

The input Esri Classifier Definition (.ecd) file that contains the statistics and other classification information for the specific dataset, classifier, and chosen attributes.


An optional ancillary raster dataset to incorporate into the classifier, such as a segmented image, multispectral image, or elevation data, used to generate a more robust classification definition for your dataset. The raster dataset for this parameter must match the one used to create the input Esri Classifier Definition file.

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