Contrast And Brightness function


The Contrast And Brightness function enhances the appearance of raster data by modifying the brightness and contrast within the image. Brightness increases the overall lightness of the image—for example, making dark colors lighter and light colors whiter—while contrast adjusts the difference between the darkest and lightest colors. Below is an example of adjustments made to the brightness and contrast of an image.

Brightness and contrast example


Modify the contrast and brightness offsets by using the slider control; alternatively, you can type a value.

Using this function alters the pixel values; therefore, this function should be used when you want to enhance the appearance of the data and not if you intend to use the data as part of an analysis that would require the raw pixel values.

This function is useful when publishing the data as an image service that may be used in applications without the ability to alter the contrast and brightness of the imagery, or to ensure that it displays using your preferred settings.

This function does not support 16 or 32 bit inputs.




The input raster on which to edit the brightness and contrast.

Contrast Offset

Adjust the contrast of the raster layer.

You can use the slider to modify the contrast offset, or you can type a value.

Brightness Offset

Adjust the brightness of the raster layer.

You can use the slider to modify the brightness offset, or you can type a value.

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