Sentinel-1 Thermal Noise Removal


Thermal noise correction can be applied to Sentinel-1 Level-1 Single Look Complex (SLC) products as well as Level-1 Ground Range Detection (GRD) products that have not already been corrected. The operator can also remove this correction based on the product annotations to reintroduce the noise signal that was removed to produce the original product. Product annotations will be updated accordingly to allow for reapplication of the correction.


Sentinel-1 Level-1 products provide a noise look-up table (LUT) file for each measurement dataset. The values in the de-noise LUT, provided in linear power, can be used to derive calibrated noise profiles matching the calibrated GRD data. Bilinear interpolation is used for any pixels that fall between points in the LUT.


The only parameter for this function is the input Sentinel-1 Level-1 GRD or SLC product.



The Sentinel-1 input raster you want to process.

The function will use the LUT file to either apply the thermal correction or remove the correction depending on the contents of the LUT.

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