Snap Pour Point function

Available with Spatial Analyst license.


Snaps pour points to the cell of highest flow accumulation within a specified distance.

This is a global raster function.


The Snap Pour Point function is used to ensure the selection of points of high accumulated flow when delineating drainage basins using the Watershed function. Snap Pour Point will search within a snap distance around the specified pour points for the cell of highest accumulated flow and move the pour point to that location.

The output is an integer raster layer when the original pour point locations have been snapped to locations of higher accumulated flow.


Parameter nameDescription

Pour Point Raster

The input pour point locations that are to be snapped.

For an input raster layer, all cells that are not NoData (that is, have a value) will be considered pour points and will be snapped.

Flow Accumulation Raster

The input flow accumulation raster layer.

This can be created with the Flow Accumulation function.

Snap Distance

The maximum distance, in map units, to search for a cell of higher accumulated flow.

Pour Point Field

The field used to assign values to the pour point locations.

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