Stream Link function

Available with Spatial Analyst license.


Assigns unique values to sections of a raster linear network between intersections.

Links are the sections of a stream channel connecting two successive junctions, a junction and the outlet, or a junction and the drainage divide. In hydrology, these stream segments are called reaches. A junction is related to a pour point and helps delineate a watershed or drainage sub-basin boundary.

Links in a stream channel illustration
Illustration of the links in a stream channel

The illustration above shows the stream segments as links, with junctions indicated as pour points.

This is a global raster function.


The input stream raster can be created by thresholding the results of the Flow Accumulation function.

The stream raster linear network should be represented as values greater than or equal to one on a background of NoData pixels.



Stream Raster

The input raster that represents a linear stream network.

Flow Direction Raster

The input raster that shows the direction of flow out of each cell.

The flow direction raster can be created by running the Flow Direction function.

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