Rename a table

You can rename a table or feature class in ArcGIS Pro by right-clicking it, clicking Rename, typing a new name, and pressing Enter.

The following conditions apply:

  • If the table is in a database or enterprise geodatabase, you must connect as the table owner to rename it.
  • You cannot rename tables that are stored in cloud data warehouses.
  • IBM Db2 does not allow tables to be renamed if the tables have a referential constraint defined on them.
  • You cannot rename feature classes or tables in SQLite if the database is configured to use SpatiaLite to store geometries.
  • You cannot rename a table if someone else holds a lock on that table.

Be aware that you cannot use third-party software, such as an SQL client, to rename a geodatabase feature class because it does not update the table name in the geodatabase system tables.

  1. Connect to the geodatabase or database.
  2. Right-click the table or feature class and click Rename.

    The name is highlighted.

  3. Type a new name.

    Names must start with a letter and cannot exceed the maximum number of characters the DBMS allows for the table names.

  4. Press the Enter key.