Delete a user-schema geodatabase

Available with Standard or Advanced license.

The schema owner can delete a geodatabase from his or her schema using the Delete Schema Geodatabase tool or a script that calls the tool.

  1. Make a backup of the Oracle database.
  2. Remove all the geodatabase data from the user's schema. This includes such objects as feature datasets, stand-alone feature classes, raster datasets, raster catalogs, mosaic datasets, and nonspatial tables—any object that contains a record in the TABLE_REGISTRY geodatabase system table.

    This also applies to objects previously registered in another user's schema. For example, there could be a feature class in the user2 schema that is registered in the master geodatabase. You must also remove this data from the user's schema before deleting the user-schema geodatabase.

    If the data is no longer needed, it can be deleted. If it still needed, move it to another geodatabase using export or copy/paste. Remember that if the data is versioned, you must reconcile and post all edits and compress before moving the data or edits will be lost. After you move the data, delete it from the user schema geodatabase.

  3. Be sure there are no users connected to the sde master geodatabase or any of the user-schema geodatabases.

    You can see existing geodatabase connections in the Geodatabase Administration dialog box in ArcGIS Desktop.

  4. Connect to the user-schema geodatabase as the geodatabase administrator.
  5. Run the Delete Schema Geodatabase tool or a Python script that calls the DeleteSchemaGeodatabase_management ArcPy function.