Log file tables in geodatabases in Oracle

Enterprise geodatabases use log file tables to maintain lists of selected records. Records are written to log file tables for later use by the application in the following situations:

  • You (or a tool or other process you run) create a selection set of a specific sizeā€”more than 1,000 records in ArcGIS Pro or more than 1,000 records when object IDs are requested from a feature service.
  • You reconcile or post to a versioned geodatabase.

Log file tables are global temporary tables that store the IDs of the selected features so they can be redisplayed. This allows faster analysis and data processing.

Geodatabases in Oracle use global temporary tables owned by the user who caused the log file table to be created. Users who do not have database permissions to create tables will use global temporary log file tables owned by the sde user.

The following permissions are required for users to create their own global temporary log file tables in Oracle:



Rather than grant a user permission to create tables indefinitely, the database administrator can grant the privileges temporarily, and then ask the user to sign in to the geodatabase and make a selection that exceeds the selection threshold. The database administrator can then revoke the user's privileges to create tables.

When you use the Create Database User geoprocessing tool to create a user, global temporary log file tables are created in the user's schema.