The relationship between the sde and user-schema geodatabases in Oracle

Geodatabases stored in the schema of a user other than the sde user in Oracle are not entirely self-contained; there is some functionality, such as user-defined types, that are only in the sde geodatabase. For that reason, you cannot treat geodatabases in users' schemas as their own entity, and the following rules apply:

  • You cannot create a backup of only a user's schema and have a complete geodatabase; there are dependent objects, such as user-defined types, in the sde geodatabase that must be part of the backup.
  • When you upgrade the sde geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro, the geodatabase version contains both the ArcGIS Enterprise version number and the ArcGIS Pro version number. For example, if you upgrade the sde geodatabase using ArcGIS Pro 2.6, the version in the sde geodatabase will be


Upgrading user-schema geodatabases is no longer supported.