Export an acknowledgment message

Available with Standard or Advanced license.

For replicas in a disconnected environment, you must manually perform the message exchange for synchronization to occur. You do this by exporting a message from one replica to a file, transporting the file on a DVD or by other means, and importing the file to the relative replica.

When replicating in this type of environment, the data receiver must send an acknowledgment message after receiving data changes as often as possible. If no acknowledgment messages are sent, the data sender resends the changes and maintains the information needed to resend those changes until they are acknowledged. As a result, the data sender's geodatabase can become large and new data change messages can become large as well.

One acknowledgment message acknowledges all data change messages. For example, if a replica receives three data change messages and imports each, it can send a single acknowledgment message that acknowledges all three.

Use the Export Acknowledgment Message geoprocessing tool to export acknowledgment messages. This tool allows you to specify the replica to export from along with the .xml file that will be created.

  1. Access the Export Acknowledgment Message tool from one of the following:
    • In the Manage Replicas pane, use either the Replica card or Manage Replicas Menu Menu and click the Export Acknowledgment Message button Export Acknowledgement Message.
    • In the Catalog pane, right-click the geodatabase that contains the data changes to export, point to Distributed Geodatabase, and click Export Acknowledgment Message Export Acknowledgement Message.

    The Export Acknowledgment Message tool supports both local and remote geodatabases. Remote geodatabases are accessed in ArcGIS Pro through map services that have the geodata access capability enabled.

    Accessing the Export Acknowledgment Message tool automatically populates the Export from Replica Geodatabase parameter based on the current workspace.

  2. Specify a name for the Output Acknowledgment File parameter.
    The Output Acknowledgment File value must be an XML format file (.xml) type.
  3. For the Replica parameter, specify the replica from which the acknowledgment message will be exported.

    The Export Acknowledgment Message tool is not supported with checkout replicas.