Hyperlinks in a text field

A table can be configured to automatically recognize a text field that contains a URL and convert that text into a clickable link called a hyperlink. Hyperlinks can access documents or web pages related to features. Examples of a hyperlink include the following:

  • An image on a local or network drive
  • A path to documents that refers to a location relative to the project
  • A web address

Use hyperlinks

When a table recognizes text as a hyperlink, it appears blue and underlined in the field. Click the link or press Ctrl+Enter while the cell has focus to open it.

Manage which hyperlinks are recognized

A hyperlink is only displayed when the text in the field meets a combination of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) schemes and file extensions. Both are defined in the Table tab of the project options. You can manually alter each list, reset them to the default definition, and save each to or load them from an external file to share.


Restricting the definition of recognizable hyperlinks in the table will not impact which hyperlinks are recognized by a pop-up.

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