View all or only the selected records

A direct way of working with only the selected records in the table view is by switching to the Show Selected Records mode. In this mode, you see only those records or features that have been selected in the table. If you refine the selection, the table updates to reflect the current selection set. You must be in the Show Selected Records mode to create a subset by highlighting records from a selection.

  1. Open a table using one of these three methods:
    • Right-click a feature layer in the Contents pane and click Attribute Table Open Table.
    • Right-click a stand-alone table in the Contents pane and click Open Open Table.
    • Right-click the table in the Catalog pane and click Open Table Open Table to open a stand-alone table outside of a map or scene.
  2. Make a selection in the table.
  3. At the bottom of the table view, click the Show Selected Records button Show Selected Records to view only the selected records, or click the Show All Records button Show All Records to return to view all records.

    Alternately, to open a table view directly in Show Selected Records mode, ensure some features are selected in the map. Right-click the layer in the Contents pane, point to Selection, and click Open Attribute Table Showing Selection Open Selected.

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