View related data

Once you define a relate between two tables, you can access the related records from either table participating in the relationship. A selection is required to access related information. You can optionally have your relates appear automatically with each new selection.

Relates can display in other areas from which you access attribute information, such as pop-ups.

View related data in the table view

  1. Open the attribute table for which you have set up the relate.
  2. Select the records in the table for which you want to display related records.

    You can also interactively select features in the map, and that selection also appears in the table.

  3. Click Related Data Related Data from the table menu Menu and select the name of the relate you want to access. This option can also be accessed from the Relationship group on the Data tab.

    The destination table displays with the related records selected.

View related data in pop-ups

To view related data in pop-ups, follow these steps.

  1. On the Map tab, activate the Explore tool Explore Tool.
  2. Click the target feature in the map or scene.

    A pop-up displays the attributes associated with the feature.

  3. Expand the tree view in the pop-up and select the relate. The pop-up window displays the attributes of the related data.

If the related data is in the map as a time-aware or range-aware layer, the list of related records is filtered based on the map's current time and range settings.

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