Layout options

You can customize options for working with layouts, by clicking the Project tab, and selecting Options. On the Options dialog box, click the Layout tab to set the following:

  • Keep the last tool active—Determines the selected tool after a layout element is inserted. If this is not checked, after adding a graphic shape, picture, or text to a layout, the Select tool becomes active so you can resize or replace your item. To continue adding graphic shapes, pictures, or text without clicking the tool again, check this option.
  • Show a warning when deleting a map frame results in other elements in the layout being deleted—When checked, a warning appears when deleting a map frame with associated elements. The warning lists which associated elements will be automatically deleted, and which can be either deleted or disconnected. Chart and table frames cannot exist without the data in a map frame and must be automatically deleted. Other elements, such as north arrows or scale bars, can be disconnected from the map frame. The warning allows you to delete or disconnect these elements. If this is not checked, deleting a map frame deletes all associated elements without a warning.
  • Template Path—Sets the folder location for the layouts available to add in the Import Layout gallery. By default, this is pointed to an installed folder with preconstructed layout files. You can change this by clicking the Browse button Browse and choosing a new folder containing layout files. The layout files in that folder will be displayed in the Import Layout gallery. If the folder has subfolders containing layout files, these layout files will also be displayed, grouped together in the gallery by folder name.

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