Visualize a voxel scene layer

A voxel scene layer allows you to share a voxel layer across the ArcGIS Platform. By sharing a voxel layer or uploading a voxel scene layer package (.slpk) you can publish multidimensional 3D data to make it accessible to your audience as a web scene layer.

Voxel scene layer example
Geological model and sewage system underneath the state museum of Hesse in Darmstadt are shown. Copyright 2021: Hessian Agency for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology and TU Darmstadt.

A voxel scene layer provides the same capabilities as a voxel layer. For example, you can explore the layer by creating or modifying slices, sections, or isosurfaces. You can change the appearance of a voxel scene layer, switch between volume and surfaces or change the symbology.

Your changes are saved in the scene, or you can share the scene as a new web scene. If you opened a web scene with a voxel scene layer, you can save your changes in the web scene.

Voxel scene layer example showing slices

Sliced volume and isosurface of predicted oxygen level are shown.

Voxel scene layer and geoprocessing tools

A voxel scene layer is not supported as input for any geoprocessing tool.

Share a voxel layer

You can create a voxel scene layer using the Create Voxel Scene Layer Content tool. You can upload the scene layer package to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 using the Share Package tool. You can share a voxel layer directly from ArcGIS Pro as a voxel scene layer, or within a web scene to the December release of ArcGIS Online when caching locally.

Sharing methodSupported portal
Share Package

ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1

Share as a web scene or share as a web layer

December release of ArcGIS Online

Voxel web scene layers can be visualized in ArcGIS Pro or in the Scene Viewer in December release of ArcGIS Online.

Update items in a voxel web scene layer

A voxel scene layer that is shared with a web scene can be updated. You can add or remove slices, sections, and isosurfaces, as well as update symbology and share a new web scene to see the updates to the voxel scene layer.


The following steps are supported in the December release of ArcGIS Online.

  1. In the Catalog pane, browse to the web scene with the voxel scene layer.
  2. Right-click the web scene and click Add And Open Add And Open.
  3. In the Contents pane, right-click the voxel layer, click Slice and Section Explore, and add a slice or section.


    Active tools on the Slice and Section toolbar depend on whether Volume or Surfaces is enabled in the Contents pane .

  4. Click the Share tab and click Web Scene Web Scene.
  5. Provide a name, summary, and tags in the Sharing pane.
  6. Click Share.

A web scene is created with the updates to the voxel layer. The web scene can be added to and viewed in ArcGIS Pro.