Use related data in pop-ups

When a layer participates in a relate or relationship class, you can access the related data in the pop-up's upper portion where it lists the identified items. You can also use the Configure Pop-ups pane to add fields or statistical functions to the pop-up's lower section based on the related data. For text elements in the pop-up, you can choose a field from a related table from the Fields drop-down menu. For the fields element, the related data is appended below the main list of fields. For chart elements, you can choose from the related table's numeric fields to add to your chart. Numeric field formatting for decimal places is honored by the pop-up.

Relationship classes must have a cardinality of 1:1, 1:M, or M:N to be used in a pop-up.

For 1:1 relationships, values from the related table are copied from the singular related record. For example, for a 1:1 relate between a layer named Offices and a table named Current Staff, the pop-up can display the office identifier from the first table, and the current occupant's name and hire date from the second table.

For 1:M and M:N relationships, statistical summary values are collated from the potentially multiple related records. For example, for a 1:M relate between a Land Records layer and a Previous Owners table, the pop-up can display the parcel address from the first table and the count of previous owners and maximum purchase price from the second table.

Include related record statistics

If a layer has related records, you can include statistics for the related numeric fields in the pop-up using the following steps:

  1. Right-click the layer in the Contents pane and click Configure Pop-ups Configure pop-ups.
  2. Click the Edit pop-up element button Edit Pop-up Element for a Fields element.
  3. In the Related Records: Statistics section, expand the related table name you want to use to include statistics.

    All numeric fields from that table are listed.

  4. Check the Display check box for the fields to include.

    A new row containing the applicable statistics appears below the chosen field name.

  5. Choose related statistics to add to the pop-up.
  6. Click Back Back to close Fields Options and save your changes.

    The main page in the Configure Pop-ups pane appears. If no related statistic was chosen in step 5, the related field is automatically unchecked when you save your changes.

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