Get started with time

To work with time in ArcGIS Pro, you first need a temporal layer. Maps that contain temporal layers provide additional functionality and controls to explore the data over time.

Define temporal properties for a layer

After you have added your temporal dataset, you need to set time properties to visualize it through time using the time slider. For each time-enabled layer, you need to specify how the time values have been stored in the data.

Import an ArcGIS Desktop time-enabled map, globe, or scene document

If you have an existing map, globe, or scene document that was created in ArcGIS Desktop, you can import it into your project. This will add a new map to the project. If the document contains time-enabled layers, the new map will also contain layers with temporal properties defined. Any map that is opened will have the time slider control, and the temporal layers will display data based on the time set by the slider.

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