ArcGIS Pro notifications

While working on a project, you may receive notifications about ArcGIS Pro, your project, or items you are using in your project. When the notifications button Notifications in the upper-right corner has a blue dot, notifications are available.

Notifications button

Notifications are grouped into two categories: those regarding the ArcGIS Pro application, and those regarding your project and the items it contains. These can include the following types of messages:

  • An update is available for ArcGIS Pro.
  • Your license for ArcGIS Pro will expire soon.
  • A new version of your project is available from the active portal.
  • A new version of your map is available from the active portal.

Act on a notification

Take action by clicking an operation associated with the notification.

  1. Click the notifications button Notifications to open the Notifications pane.
  2. Hover over a notification.

    Operations appear in the bottom corner of the notification for you to take appropriate action.

  3. Click the primary operation. For example, when notified that a new version of your map is available, click Update Map.
  4. If additional operations are available, click the more button More button in the corner to list them, and click the appropriate operation.

Dismiss notifications

You can dismiss an individual notification or all notifications at once if you are not prepared to take action immediately. Dismissed notifications reappear the next time you start ArcGIS Pro, open the project, open the map, and so on. You can ignore notifications for a period of time so you can finish your work before responding to the notifications.

  1. Click the notifications button to open the Notifications pane.
  2. Hover over a notification.
  3. Click the close button Close button in the corner of the notification to dismiss it.
  4. Click the Menu button Menu at the top of the Notifications pane to list additional options for managing your notifications.
    • Click Dismiss All to dismiss all notifications at once.
    • In the Disable notifications section, check Current session, 1 hour, or 2 hours to ignore all notifications occurring during that time period. When the interval is over, notifications will appear again when they occur.
    • If you are ready to enable notifications again before the disable time period has expired, check Allow notifications.

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