An overview of the 3D Features toolset

The 3D Features toolset provides a collection of tools for constructing, converting, and evaluating the geometric properties of 3D features.

3D Features toolset


Enclose Multipatch

Creates closed multipatch features from open multipatch features.

Is Closed 3D

Evaluates multipatch features to determine whether each feature completely encloses a volume of space.

Simplify 3D Line

Generalizes 3D line features to reduce the overall number of vertices while approximating the original shape in horizontal and vertical directions within a specified tolerance.

Tools in the 3D Features toolset

Conversion toolset


ASCII 3D To Feature Class

Imports 3D features from one or more ASCII files stored in XYZ, XYZI, or GENERATE formats into a new feature class.

Feature Class Z To ASCII

Exports 3D features to ASCII text files storing GENERATE, XYZ, or profile data.

Feature To 3D By Attribute

Creates 3D features using height values derived from the attribute of the input features.

Features From CityEngine Rules

Generates 3D geometries from existing 2D and 3D input features using rules authored in ArcGIS CityEngine.

Import 3D Files

Imports one or more 3D models into a multipatch feature class.

Layer 3D To Feature Class

Exports feature layers with 3D display properties to 3D lines or multipatch features.

Tools in the Conversion toolset

Extraction toolset


Extract Multipatch From Mesh

Creates a multipatch feature from the portion of an integrated mesh that overlaps a polygon.

Extract Power Lines From Point Cloud

Extracts 3D line features modeling power lines from classified point cloud data.

LAS Building Multipatch

Creates building models derived from rooftop points captured in lidar data.

Multipatch Footprint

Creates polygon footprints representing the two-dimensional area of multipatch features.

Regularize Adjacent Building Footprint

Regularizes building footprints that have common boundaries.

Regularize Building Footprint

Normalizes the footprint of building polygons by eliminating undesirable artifacts in their geometry.

Tools in the Extraction toolset

Interpolation toolset


Interpolate Polygon To Multipatch

Creates surface-conforming multipatch features by draping polygon features over a surface.

Interpolate Shape

Creates 3D features by interpolating z-values from a surface.

Update Feature Z

Updates the z-coordinates of 3D feature vertices using a surface.

Tools in the Interpolation toolset

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