An overview of the 3D Proximity toolset

The 3D Proximity toolset contains tools for performing distance-based evaluations of 3D points, LAS point clouds, lines, and multipatch features.


Buffer 3D

Creates a 3-dimensional buffer around points or lines to produce spherical or cylindrical multipatch features.

Inside 3D

Determines if 3D features from an input feature class are contained inside a closed multipatch, and writes an output table recording the features that are partially or fully inside the multipatch.

Locate LAS Points By Proximity

Identifies LAS points within the three-dimensional proximity of z-enabled features along with the option to reclassify those points.

Near 3D

Calculates the three-dimensional distance from each input feature to the nearest feature that resides in one or more near feature classes.

Union 3D

Merges closed, overlapping multipatch features from an input feature class.

Tools in the 3D Proximity toolset

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