An overview of the Triangulated Surface toolset

Available with 3D Analyst license.

The Triangulated Surface toolset offers a set of surface analysis tools that operate on terrain, TIN, and LAS datasets. They provide the ability to extract surface properties, such as slope, aspect, and contour isolines, identify outliers in the data points, make volumetric computations, and create 3D feature classes that model the surface.

The following list outlines the tools available in the Triangulated Surface toolset:


Decimate TIN Nodes

Creates a triangulated irregular network (TIN) dataset using a subset of nodes from a source TIN.

Extrude Between

Creates 3D features by extruding each input feature between two triangulated irregular network (TIN) datasets.

Interpolate Polygon To Multipatch

Creates surface-conforming multipatch features by draping polygon features over a surface.

Locate Outliers

Identifies anomalous elevation measurements from terrain, TIN, or LAS datasets that exceed a defined range of elevation values or have slope characteristics that are inconsistent with the surrounding surface.

Polygon Volume

Calculates the volume and surface area between a polygon of a constant height and a surface.

Surface Aspect

Creates polygon features that represent aspect measurements derived from a TIN, terrain, or LAS dataset surface.

Surface Contour

Creates contour lines derived from a terrain, TIN, or LAS dataset surface.

Surface Difference

Calculate the displacement between two surfaces to determine where one is above, below or the same as the other surface.

Surface Slope

Creates polygon features that represent ranges of slope values for triangulated surfaces.

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