An overview of the Contingent Values toolset

The Contingent Values toolset contains tools for managing geodatabase contingent values and field groups. Contingent values functionality provides a way to add custom behavior to your geodatabase data. You can incorporate contingent values into your workflows and automate the process of adding and removing values using these tools.

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Add Contingent Value

Adds a contingent value to a field group on a feature class or table.

Alter Field Group

Alters the properties of a field group.

Create Field Group

Create a field group for a feature class or table. Field groups are used when creating contingent values.

Delete Field Group

Deletes a field group from a table or feature class.

Export Contingent Values

Exports field groups and contingent values to a .csv file.

Import Contingent Values

Imports multiple contingent values and field groups from a comma-separated values file (.csv) into a dataset.

Remove Contingent Value

Removes a contingent value from a field group.

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