An overview of the Use Proximity toolset

The Use Proximity toolset contains tools for answering the spatial analysis question, What is near what?

GeoAnalytics Desktop tools provide a parallel processing framework for analysis on a desktop machine using Apache Spark. Through aggregation, regression, detection, and clustering, you can visualize, understand, and interact with big data. These tools work with big datasets and allow you to gain insight into your data through patterns, trends, and anomalies. The tools are integrated and run in ArcGIS Pro in the same way as other desktop geoprocessing tools.


Create Buffers

Creates buffers around input features to a specified distance.

Group By Proximity

Groups features that are within spatial or spatiotemporal proximity to each other.

Trace Proximity Events

Traces events near each other in space (location) and time. The time-enabled point data must include features that represent an instant in time.

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